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Flytech Special Features

Self Defense Training

Flytech is the first and only institute in Nepal conducts Self Defense Training from certified trainer. Flytech never compromises in quality. As a No.1 Airhostess Academy in Nepal, Flytech has introduces this programs to train the students to defend themselves as well as the passengers from various incidents which may occur inside and outside the aircraft. In this program they learn the special techniques of defense, taking control over the drunken passengers, prevention from suspected people, immediate actions and many more.

Swimming Training

In order to ensure total development of students, FLYTECH provides Swimming Training. It is taken as a part of the curriculum. We have tied up with best Swimming Center in Kathmandu to take care of the swimming classes. Our Certified Instructor Mr. Kul Bahadur KC has taken responsibility to train all the students at Flytech. Over 10 years of professional experience as a Life Guard & Coach of Swimming in different Pools and Swimming Clubs, he has trained hundreds of non-swimmers and has made them perfect in swimming.

Water Safety (Ditching)

In aviation, safety comes first than service. Water Safety and Evacuation (Ditching) is a part of Safety Training at Flytech where students learn to evacuate passengers on water during ditching process. They learn to inflate the raft boat and life vest, jump, slide, swim, command, survive etc. along with quick decision and leadership quality.

Fire Fighting Training

Fire Safety is also very important part of airhostess training. It is mandatory to every student for safety reason. Each and every student has to complete fire drills along with theory classes. Fully practical training used to be conducted for fire evacuation during the training period.

In-flight Experience

In-flight Experience is the exclusive offer to the students of Flytech. Many students come to training, who have never flown in aircraft. Flying is like a dream and imagination for such students. We provide one hour flight to every student to experience the real flying adventure and the idea about the in-flight service made by a real cabin crew during the flight.

Airport Visit

On the basis of permission by CAAN and Airport Authority, Flytech conducts Airport Visit Programs for students, to make them familiar about the airport operation and boarding process. Students get change to enter through main entrance of TIA International Terminal Building, pass through security systems, boarding counters, Baggage Check-in, etc and exit through Domestic Terminal Building.

Hiking & Adventure

We provide personalized and specialized Hiking and various other adventurous activities for our students. All our activities are led by our highly experienced professionals, offering outstanding personalized service in a responsible and sustainable manner providing teaching techniques and strategies that would more effectively support the learning needs of students.

First Aid Training

FLYTECH provides special FIRST AID & CPR TRAINING to its Airhostess Trainees by Mr. Nabeen Kumar Adhikari. He has over 16 years of professional experience in Medical field at Army Hospital. He is teaching FIRST AID to hundreds of people from last 10 years. FLYTECH always hires experts to train the students. This special FIRST AID TRAINING helps students to act immediately during the emergency situations.

Aerobics, Zumba & Yoga

We not only train the student for service and safety but also teach them to keep themselves fit and healthy. Aerobics, Zumba & Yoga are the part of fitness training at Flytech. Our certified trainers take care of the fitness, dieting and workouts of students on individual basis which keep them physically fit and mentally active.

Announcement Training

Flytech conducts a special Announcement Training which makes students confident while making announcement during flight and at airport. The training includes the techniques of announcement like pause, stress, voice clarity etc.

Safety Demonstration

Safety Demonstration Training is also an essential part of the Safety Training at Flytech. Students learn and practice to demonstrate safety equipments like Life Vest, Seat Belts etc. before the flight take-off. Flytech’s Aircraft Mockup classroom has inbuilt with all the emergency equipments and each student will be trained individually.

Personality Development

FLYTECH provides highly specialized Personality Development training covering each & every aspects of airlines cabin crew. It sharpens the edges of hidden talent, personalities and consciousness of facing the interviews. Flytech is tied of with “ATTITUDE- India’s No.1 Grooming School” for this training.

Make-up & Grooming

Flytech is partnered with “ATTITUDE- India’s No.1 Grooming School” for Make-up & Grooming Training as well. The training grooms the person as per the industry requirement, which develops and elevates the personality to such an extent that our students will have a cutting edge among other students.

Interview Workshop

Flytech conducts Interview Workshops to enable its students with the knowledge of what an Airlines exactly looks for in the candidates at the interview and what are the secrets to go through it. Mr. Murali Jayakanthan, a well known professional trainer from Malaysia, trains students for Interview Natures, Types and Various rounds of the Interview Assessment, Grooming, Presentation and Interview Secrets followed by Question Answer Session.

Mock Interview

The mock interview is a safe place to practice interview skills and gain feedback. It is also an area to gain the confidence and experience of giving an actual employment interview. The mock interview focuses on self-knowledge, past experiences, knowledge of the industry the applicant wishes to enter, and how well the applicant can convey that information. The students gain the most experience from the mock interview if it is treated as an actual interview.

Parties & Events

Student life at Flytech is about more than just classes. Flytech provides many such events for students to relax and have fun on holidays. Students have access to the full range of events, parties and leisure facilities organized by Flytech.

Social Activities

Flytech organizes a number of free social activities and events for airhostess students. All activities offer opportunities to help the society and needy people, which give interaction, and encourage the exchange of ideas in an environment that supports student learning and values diversity.

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